What is SmartEcoMap™?

SmartEcoMap™ is an intelligent virtual assistant for tourist destinations created to give answers to the demands of the 21st century tourist.

Eco, the smart virtual assistant, talks to the traveler, understands their preferences, their needs, recommends activities, routes and places, talks to him or her and gives information about the destination.

SmartEcoMap™ makes traveling an unforgettable experience.

Natural conversation

The cognitive technology behind SmartEcoMap's Virtual Assistant allows it to naturally talk with the traveler and understand what they need.

What can I ask Eco?

  • Weather conditions
  • Opening times
  • Recommendations
  • Directions
  • Where to do some kind of activities
  • and much more!

Find out how artificial intelligence is changing the tourism industry

First destination: Lanzarote

Lanzarote is the first tourist destination to enjoy SmartEcoMap™, which has recently guided its tourists with a wide range of recommendations and information about this unique island, its places and activities.

Close to three million visitors spend their holidays on Lanzarote, making the island one of the most ideal places to launch SmartEcoMap™

One Virtual Assistant, Multiple Channels

Eco, the cognitive assistant behind SmartEcoMap™ can materialize into any channel or platform. Be it a mobile app, a website, an information kiosk or a hotel room tablet.

Regardless of which channel, the virtual assistant will have the information readily available.


With IBM Watson Technology

Cognitive technology has ceased to be the future to become the present. SmartEcoMap™ now allows tourist destinations to offer their visitors a personalized and rich experience with the help of artificial intelligence.

In a world where users do not give second chances and want immediacy, giving personalized answers and recommendations in a second is crucial.

Eco is the element that helps the traveler to connect with the destination and discover it like never before.

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