Frequently Asked Questions

SmartEcoMap™ is a new concept, so we understand you have some questions about it. We'll try to answer it as best as we can, but you can reach us at any time if you want to know more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is SmartEcoMap™ a device or an app?
In Lanzarote, SmartEcoMap™ can be found on special tablets, other destinations might choose to offer it as an App or an Online virtual assistant. The virtual assistante is on the cloud, so it can be part of any ecosystem already present at the tourist destination.
2Why is SmartEcoMap™ better on a device?
Offering SmartEcoMap™ as a device allow us to have full control on the software as well as the hardware hardware, which translates into a comprehensive experience to the client.
3What makes the Virtual Assistant so smart?
Behind Eco, there's several systems working together to create a smart artificial intelligence. We employ IBM Watson technology as well as our in-house ITS system to crunch and analyze data.
4What can the virtual assistant do?
The virtual assistant is the easiest way to get relevant recommendations quickly and naturally. We strive to create natural conversations, as well as having access to several data layers (location, preferences, weather, etc.) to provide truly smart answers.
5What can the Smart EcoMap do?
The personalized device allows us to provide constant WiFi and Mobile connectivity to the user, a big plus for tourist visiting a country. The on-board software is being optimized to be as energy efficient as possible while providing all the functionality we need to create a cohesive, error-free experience.
6What languages can the virtual assistant speak?
The Smart EcoMap speaks three languages at the moment: English, Spanish and Italian. We're planning to expand it as it arrives on new destinations.
7Where can I find SmartEcoMap™?
At the moment it's fully working in Lanzarote, the Canary Islands. All demos will show information about the island and the places and activities you can find in there.
8Can it be easily configured for a new destination?
The Smart EcoMap can work on any destination. We work closely with our clients to gather or produce the local information the user expects, then deploy the personalized solution.

SmartEcoMap™ For Companies

1Can I customize it for the needs of my business?
We understand each business and industry has its own requirements and needs. That's why we strive to offer an easy way to personalize certain aspects of the device from the get-go. Further personalization is possible, we can develop the new functionality or aspect of the device if the project requires it.
2Can I manage my company's SmartEcoMap™ devices?
Corporate clients will have control over certain functions of the device remotely, plus the ability to personalize certain aspects of the experience.
3What are the advantages of offering the Smart EcoMap in my business?
We believe the Smart EcoMap will offer a clear added value for any business in the hospitality industry and those working in tourist destinations. It can become an integral part of your incentives, as well as a key element of your marketing plan.
4What kind of business are suitable?
The Smart EcoMap was designed to be the perfect companion for these industries: Hotels, Car rental companies, Government and institutions, Tour operators, Travel agencies, and Restaurants.

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